Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mixtape- June 25th

I read from Boyishly and talked about the importance of going big in poetry at the Casbah on June 25th for Mixtape

Mixtape is a great series; it's been around in several versions. Originally, Brian Howe ran it and asked writers to read from works that had been important to them. It met in living rooms and was pretty informal although always fascinating.

Now Chris Vitiello runs it in conjunction with the Hinge, a literary group here in Durham. It happens at the Casbah and has a wider focus; all kinds of artists take part. Some talk about influences, some show their latest work, while others give a type of talk. I kind of combined all three, reading examples from the work of others and my own that illustrated techniques used in large, epic, ambitious poetry. I later gave a different version of this talk at the Duke Creative Writers Camp.

The others in the Mixtape lineup were also great. Francesca Talenti showed a sample of her work for the stage and in instiallation. Below is an example from her work A Bride For All Seasons.

Michael Itkoff showed a slideshow of his work, including a picture he took as a boy of David Robinson. Both artists were really great and I thought all three presentations worked well together. Below is a sample of his really fabulous White Board Project.

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